The word Gratitude came, as a preparation of an event that is to occur.

True enough, in life there are various things that I easily took for granted for.. Such as a place to live in, the home cook-ed food, the family and friends that stood with me in my 20 years of living.

With the advancement of technologies and the fast pace of life, they always seem an easy excuse to be my scapegoat for various challenges and decisions.

Today, I would like to take the opportunity here to God, thank you for saving a life like mine, literally. To my daddy and mummy, thank you for showering love throughout all these years.. to my brothers, thank you for being my childhood playmates, my role models and my best friends too!

To my pastors, thank you Pastor How and Pastor Lia for building Heart of God church, your heart for people.. its like the heart of the father.. (: to my leaders, thank you for always believing in me (: to my friends.. thank you for being my friends ((:

Indeed, like what Charleston preached, gratitude appreciates, attracts, gives us access and advances! If you are reading this today, thank you for taking the time! Start your day by giving thanks in all circumstances too! ((:

See you next time!